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Project Profile: Comprehensive JD Edwards Security Redesign

September 4, 2020


Our EnterpriseOne and Q Software expertise were critical on this successful security redesign project completed for our client, Buckeye Partners L.P.

The project benefits to Buckeye are summarized by Jaime Juan​, Director, Enterprise Applications​ at Buckeye:

“Buckeye Partners needed a solution to improve our ERP (JDE) security. We looked for a solution that provided improved security functionality and was better aligned with our processes of provisioning, support, configuration, maintenance, controls and governance.​

We chose Q Software as our solution because of its seamless JDE integration, best fit functionality and close partnership with ERP-One.    ​

ERP-One managed and understood our JDE environment, especially security, because of the CNC services they provided. They combined their Buckeye knowledge with security requirements and leveraged their Q Software expertise to implement a solution.  ​

The implementation was a partnership between ERP-One and Buckeye with Q Software as the solution driver.  This partnership resulted in implementing Q Software within a Buckeye-driven framework of enhanced JDE security and Segregation of Duties business processes.​

Today, our business users have a better way to understand, provision, monitor and govern their JDE security.”

Case Study – EnterpriseOne Security Redesign


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