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Watching over your E1 data

September 6, 2018


Join us for an in-depth tour of a real-life scenario with a large municipal county in the U.S. We will explore data tracking capabilities within E1 for fraud protection, analysis and reporting, and some unique solutions available to streamline E1 data monitoring and management. Learn how to alert, review, report and act on possible fraudulent activities in your E1 environment and take in industry best practices to ensure you are safe from fraud.

Fraud is a significant and rising concern for private and public organizations globally. Regardless of industry, size or market, every organization requires stakeholder accountability and protection of their data. What are the risks of fraudulent activity within your organization? What practices do you have in place within E1 to protect your data? Can you find fraudulent activitiy in your data? Are you ahead of changing requirements to protect your organization from fraudulent activity?

If you have questions or would like to discuss this topic further, please email Matt at matt.vanderkooy@erp-one.com.